dear animals, i’m sorry it took me so long

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male chicks do not lay eggs and are considered unnecessary within the meat industry. This is why seven billion chicks are shredded immediately after birth every year and have the shortest lifespan of farm animals.

Voor HoI betekent veganisme liefde voor dier, mens en natuur

We willen dat jij je fijn voelt in de Runaway en het design, de pasvorm en herkomst zijn hier cruciale onderdelen van. Daarnaast laten we met onze kleding zien wie we zijn, wat we doen en waar we voor staan. De Runaway staat, met het mannelijke kuiken in de hoofdrol, voor het losbreken van patronen, durven jezelf te zijn en opkomen voor wat jij belangrijk vindt. 

Like many, I felt insecure during my childhood. At the end of high school and after my transition to fashion school, I started drawing the chick when I felt good or bad. In these drawings I processed my emotions, events and burdens on paper and through the chicken I could translate and see how I felt. Something that had a big impact on me at the time.

At fashion school I enjoyed technical sewing assignments and was good at it, so I was allowed to make extra assignments/garments. This extra space and time allowed me to incorporate the chick in my pieces. I came up with a name that I could link to myself, since I could lose quite a lot of myself in the creature. That’s how I came up with an anagram of my own name and the word ‘I’ before it:  Ik Orlando Hoogvliets –><– Hoogvliets Orlando Ik  . HOI

Hoi en vlek


During my studies at the fashion school, I incorporated HOI into all my assignments and it caught the eye of my former mentor. She was so surprised after my explanation about the origin of HOI that she said:

“Orlando this is really cool!! You really have to keep going with this and in ten years time it could be something big!”

What may sound like a blanket statement to many has motivated me so deeply that I have never let go of the idea of the chicken. It pushed me over the threshold to continue and continue working on my dreams. The chick is now incorporated in all my works and has become the mascot of HOI Footwear.

HOI is the chick that escaped!
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